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By Oxford Owl, posted on 7th June 2019

Book of the Month: Warrior Monkeys and the Volcano Adventure

If your child is mad about martial arts, can’t get enough of karate or adores aikido, they’re going to love the first book in this dramatic new series, written by martial arts expert MC Stevens and illustrated by Steve Brown!

Meet our brave and resourceful duo, Suki and Bekko, who are in training to become Warrior Monkeys. With the help of their armoured bear, Kuma, they’re ready to face any challenges that might threaten the safety of their Shanti Island home. Using all the skills they learn in the training hall, Suki and Bekko show the kind of determination, focus, bravery, and spirit that has put them on the path to become true Warrior Monkeys!

Drawing on the central principles of martial arts – including building focus, self-discipline, leadership and teamwork – there’s plenty to learn from the Warrior Monkeys, lots of inspiration for building confidence, and action-packed adventures to enjoy along the way!

Win a copy of the book! [COMPETITION CLOSED]

To celebrate the publication of the first Warrior Monkey book, we’re giving away a copy to five lucky winners!

All good Warrior Monkeys are loyal to the Warrior Code, demonstrating: Courtesy, Humility, Integrity, Perseverance, Discipline and Indomitable Spirit. For the chance to win the book, we want you to tell us how your child has demonstrated one or more of these wonderful Warrior Monkey qualities. Perhaps they’ve been particularly polite, were marvellously modest about a brilliant school report, or haven’t given up on something tricky. We want to know! Simply comment on the competition post at the top of the Oxford Owl Facebook page to enter.

UK residents only. Entry closes at 11.59pm on Sunday 30th June 2019.
Terms and Conditions apply

About the book

Warrior Monkeys and the Volcano Adventure

The Shanti Islands are under threat and the Warrior Monkeys are coming to the rescue!

Could it be an old enemy seeking revenge on Senshi Castle? What is behind the strange clouds? The earthquakes? And the mysterious meerkats? Suki and Bekko must test their warrior skills to save their home and their friends from the deadly volcano. It’s a race against time…

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About the author

MC Stevens is a martial arts instructor with 16 years’ experience in karate and jiu jitsu. A former secondary school English and History teacher, she also works for international charity Fairfight, which empowers young girls in developing countries by using karate to develop their confidence and self-determination.

Steve Brown is inspired by animations from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, which comes through in the energy and style of his illustrations. Warrior Monkeys is his dream project as he has practiced martial arts since the age of eight!


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