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Progress with Oxford Age 4–5

Progress with Oxford Age 4–5 activity books have been created to develop early numeracy and literacy skills, as taught in school. Each activity book includes a unique character, stickers and a progress chart to capture how much children have learned.

Where can I buy Progress with Oxford books? Our books are available to buy on Amazon.co.uk. Many of our Progress with Oxford books are also available on Waterstones, WHSmith, Book Depository, and hive.co.uk.

Find out more about the books and try some free activities below.

Activity books

Addition and Subtraction Age 4–5

This activity book will help to develop your child’s mathematics skills, whilst ensuring they have fun! They will quickly learn to add and subtract numbers and learn how to count on and back to find the correct answers. Includes stickers and a progress chart.

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Number Problems Age 4–5

This activity book will help your child to build number skills, guiding them through an independent learning experience where they will solve problems that involve doubling, halving and sharing.

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Starting to Write Words Age 4–5

This activity book will help your child to progress with their writing skills. Quickly, and with the guidance of a lively character, young readers will use their phonic knowledge to write words with minimal support. Handy tips and clues will help them learn how to write common irregular words.

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Shapes and Measuring Age 4–5

This activity book will help your child to develop their knowledge of shapes and measuring. They will quickly learn the names of 2D shapes and their features, using mathematical language. They will also start to learn about measuring and comparing quantities and objects.

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Numbers and Counting up to 20 Age 4–5

This activity book will help your child to learn to count and write numbers up to 20, to count on from a number, to count sequences and read number names. A lively character accompanies your child through all the colourful and engaging activities, while fun stickers and a progress chart are included to reward their work.

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Phonics Age 4–5

This activity book gives your child tools to build and develop their phonics skills. While working through these fun and exciting activities, young readers will quickly learn how words are made up of small separate sounds, and be introduced to more of the 44 letter sounds taught in schools.

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Starting to Write Letters Age 4–5

This Progress with Oxford activity book offers support with writing, teaching your child how to correctly form letters. Colourful and inviting activities, along with stickers and a handy progress chart help make learning to write letters fun!

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