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Bond Brain Training for Kids

These fun puzzle books have been designed by the Bond team to develop children’s vocabulary, maths, and problem-solving skills. Each book has over 100 puzzles, set at different levels (Warm-up, Intermediate, and Tricky) so that your child can choose the challenge that best suits them.

Bond, the market leader in 11+ test preparation, has decades of experience in developing children’s ability with words, numbers, and logic in line with the school curriculum. Perfect preparation for the KS2 SATs and 11+ exams, your child will build essential knowledge and reasoning skills without even realising. It’s education by stealth!

Find out more about the books and try some free puzzles below.

Bond puzzle books

Brain Training for Kids: Word Puzzles

Bond | Age 8–11

It’s time to train your brain! Are you a wizard with words? Welcome to a world of crafty crosswords, muddling mind teasers, and puzzling pictures to challenge your brain.

  • Over 100 fun word puzzles, including riddles, anagrams, and word searches.
  • Look for hidden words and missing letters.
  • Find your way around mazes and crack the codes.

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Brain Training for Kids: Logic Puzzles

Bond | Age 8–11

It’s time to train your brain! Can you crack the codes and solve the mysterious messages? Turn your brain up to maximum power as you tackle wacky word searches, secret sequences, and curious clues.

  • Over 100 fun logic puzzles, including codes, word patterns, and picture problems.
  • Solve cyphers and use lateral thinking.
  • Unpick patterns and follow the clues.

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Brain Training for Kids: Number Puzzles

Bond | Age 8–11

It’s time to train your brain! Some monkeys are stuck in the maze – are you able to help them escape? From Sudoku grids to number riddles, switch on your puzzle powers to solve all sorts of challenges.

  • Over 100 fun number puzzles, including maths mazes, algebraic enigmas, and fraction fun.
  • Solve sudokus and real-life maths problems.
  • Untangle number riddles and clever patterns.

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