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At primary school

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The first year primary school

Get top tips for helping your child get ready to start school, and find out what they will learn in Reception.
Reception at primary school
Recommended books for starting school

Year 1 (age 5–6)

Phonics and learning through play: what your child will learn in Year 1.
English curriculum for Year 1
Maths curriculum for Year 1

Year 2 (age 6–7)

Phonics and fractions: what your child will learn in Year 2.
English curriculum for Year 2
Maths curriculum for Year 2

Year 3 (age 7–8)

Comprehension and spelling rules: what your child will learn in Year 3.
English curriculum for Year 3
Maths curriculum for Year 3

Year 4 (age 8–9)

Times tables and fronted adverbials: what your child will learn in Year 4.
English curriculum for Year 4
Maths curriculum for Year 4

Year 5 (age 9–10)

Grammar and independent learning: what your child will learn in Year 5.
English curriculum for Year 5
Maths curriculum for Year 5

Year 6 (age 10–11)

Tests and preparing for secondary school: what your child will learn in Year 6.
English curriculum for Year 6
Maths curriculum for Year 6
Key Stage 2 SATs

Grammar & literacy glossary

Need a refresher on fronted adverbials or the passive voice? Get to know what your child is learning at school with our guide to common terms and phrases used in schools.

Science at primary school

Science at primary school is practical and exciting. Find out what your child will learn.

The science curriculum

Guide to the 11+

Your questions answers about the 11+ exam.

About the 11+

Secondary school

Top tips to help your child settle into secondary school, and what to expect in Key Stage 3.

Secondary school

Books for primary school

Early readers

Discover an exciting range of carefully levelled books and resources from Read with Oxford to help children learn to read, and love to read.

Early readers for ages 3–8

Activity books

Develop core English and maths skills with Progress with Oxford activity books.

Activity books for age 3–10

SATs preparation

All you need to prepare for the KS2 SATs, from maths to English to reading.

SATs workbooks for ages 8–11

Children's dictionaries

Find the right dictionary for your child, whatever their age.

Oxford Children’s Dictionaries