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Year 1 at primary school

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Welcome to Year 1 at primary school!

Leaving Reception behind and moving into Year 1 can feel like a big step for both children and their parents, but a good school will make the transition an easy one.

Your child will still be learning through play, they will still be exploring, discovering and making plenty of use of their role-play corner. There will be a big focus on learning to read using phonics this year, with a statutory phonics screening check in June.

What to expect in Year 1

Light-touch learning and plenty of fun! Find out what your child can expect in Year 1.

What to expect in Year 1

English & reading in Year 1

The Year 1 curriculum for English and reading.

English curriculum for Year 1

Maths curriculum in Year 1

The Year 1 curriculum for maths.

Maths curriculum for Year 1

Year 1 phonics screening check

The phonics screening check is taken by all children in Year 1 in England, and is usually taken in June. It is not a formal test, but a way for teachers to ensure that children are on track to become fluent readers.

Recommended books for Year 1

Early readers

Practice phonics skills with these Stage 3 books from Read with Oxford.

Early readers for age 5+

Activity books

Develop core English and maths skills with Progress with Oxford activity books.

Activity books for age 5–6

Children's dictionaries

Find the right dictionary for your child.

Oxford Children’s Dictionaries

Isadora Moon

Half fairy, half vampire, Isadora Moon is totally unique.

Isadora Moon books