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If you have a child at Primary School, this is a great place to find out about how they are learning to read and what you can do to help at home.

Get some fresh ideas for encouraging your child’s reading at home, check out our online eBook library with access to over 130 free books and find out more about how reading is taught in school.

There’s also a handy guide to understanding phonics and information on the reading schemes used in schools. 


image of a woman helping a boy sound out phonics


Our essential guide to learning to read with phonics.

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image of a mother and daughter reading at home

Reading at Home

Our essential guide to supporting your child’s reading journey at home.

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image of children reading at school

Reading at School

Our essential guide on what to expect as your child learns to read at school.

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image of children clustered around a tablet reading

Free eBook library

Take a look at our tablet-friendly eBooks, which include all of your child’s favourite characters from Biff, Chip and Kipper to the Project X Team.

image of a parent helping his daughter learning to read

Supporting readers

Expert advice on how to tell if your child is a struggling reader, and tips to support them at home.

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image of an illustrated boy and his dog

Oxford Reading Tree

Discover the Oxford Reading Tree, Levels and Book Bands to help develop reading skills at home.

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image of students in a school classroom, working


Comprehension skills are essential in learning to read, and enjoying reading. Get tips on how to help your child.

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Reading for pleasure

image of children in a park, reading

Reading for pleasure

Find ideas and inspiration to encourage your child to read for pleasure.


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Books to get boys reading

John Dougherty shares his top picks for books to encourage and inspire your son to read.

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Picture books for older readers

Wonderful books that use spellbinding illustrations to introduce children to big ideas.

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image of scattered Oxford University Press books for children

Children's fiction

Browse exciting and engaging fiction from Oxford University Press.


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From Oxford University Press