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Reading for pleasure

Reading for pleasure opens up new worlds for children. It gives them the opportunity to use their imagination to explore new ideas, visit new places and meet new characters.

Reading for pleasure also improves children’s well-being and empathy. It helps them to understand their own identity, and gives them an insight into the world and the views of others. Research shows that reading for pleasure can be directly linked to children’s success throughout their time at school and even into adulthood.

You can learn more about how reading can build vocabulary and help close the Word Gap on our vocabulary at primary school page. For ideas on how to encourage your child to read in their own time, and book recommendations to inspire a life-long love of reading, read on!

How to encourage your child to read for pleasure

Find more ideas and inspiration to encourage reading for pleasure on our blog.

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Ten ideas to inspire your child to read more

Whether your child is a keen or reluctant reader, use the list below to find an idea (or two!) to inspire your child to keep on reading.

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Father and daughter reading

How to choose a book for ages 7–11

Former school librarian and literacy adviser, Beverley Humphrey, gives expert advice on how you can help choose the right book for your 7–11 year old.

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Book recommendations

Discover new books with these themed lists from authors and reading experts.

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Great books to get boys reading

Author John Dougherty shares his top picks for books to encourage and inspire your son to read.

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How to build a girl

Books to inspire, encourage, or just reassure your daughter, selected by the award-winning children’s author Joanna Nadin.

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Children’s books that celebrate diversity

Every child deserves to see lives like their own represented in powerful stories. Cerrie Burnell shares her favourite children’s books that celebrate diversity.

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Why is animal fiction important?

Tom Moorhouse talks about the importance of animal fiction: in building empathy, introducing children to difficult topics, and much more.

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