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Welcome to Year 4


In schools in England, Year 4 is for children 8–9 years old, and is the second year of Key Stage 2. As your child grows their independence and confidence in their learning, there may be a greater focus on homework in some schools – ensuring the children have a strong grasp of their key spellings for the year.

In maths and English, the teachers will be aiming to ensure that your Year 4 child knows and understands particular key skills. Apostrophes, commas, times tables, and key spellings are just some of the things children in Year 4 are expected to use accurately. Furthermore, this will be the year that your child will undertake an assessment in their times tables – you will be able to find more information about this here.

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What to expect in Year 4

Times tables, confidence and fun! Find out what your child can expect in Year 4. Find out more >

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English in Year 4

Find out more about the Year 4 curriculum for English.

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Reading in Year 4

Find out more about the Year 4 curriculum for reading.

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Maths in Year 4

Find out more about the Year 4 curriculum for maths.

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The Year 4 multiplication tables check

Your child will need to take a short online test to make sure their times tables knowledge is at the expected level.
Find out more >

Recommended books for Year 4

Activity books

Develop core skills in English and maths with these activity books from Bond.

Bond SATs Skills Age 8–9

Times tables practice

Prepare for the Year 4 times tables check with these flashcards.

Times tables flashcards

Creative writing

Inspiration for writing your own story, from Christopher Edge.

How to Write your Best Story Ever!

Warrior Monkeys

Action-packed adventures inspired by the martial arts. Perfect for age 7–9.

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