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Welcome to Year 6


In schools in England, Year 6 is for children 10–11 years old and is the final year of Key Stage 2 before embarking on their journey to secondary school in the following September. This year is likely to be focused on the end of key stage 2 National Curriculum assessments, otherwise known as the Standard Assessment Tests (SATs). There is no doubt that, in most schools, a great deal of work will be carried out to prepare for this time. Hopefully, your child’s teacher will help your child prepare for the tests without them even realising it. Every school is obviously different, but your child’s teacher will probably aim to keep the stress levels down with plenty of fun and valuable learning.

These can seem like a daunting part of your child’s education for both parents and their children. However, if you know what to expect, they don’t need to be scary for you or your child and, here at Oxford Owl, we have a range of resources, activities and articles to support you in supporting your child during this time. Why not start here to find out more.

Image showing children going back to school in a classroom

What to expect in Year 6

A year of magic, memories and SATs. Find out what your child can expect in Year 6. Find out more >

Image showing boy touching his chin and writing

English in Year 6

Find out more about the Year 6 curriculum for English.

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image of children in a park, reading

Reading in Year 6

Find out more about the Year 6 curriculum for reading.

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image of a boy solving a maths question on a whiteboard

Maths in Year 6

Find out more about the Year 6 curriculum for maths.

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Key Stage 2 SATs

Find out about the KS2 SATs taken in May of Year 6, and get tips on how to help your child prepare at home.
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Recommended books for Year 6

KS2 SATs test papers

Get ready for the KS2 SATs with these test papers from Bond.

Bond SATs Skills test papers

KS2 SATs workbooks

Gradually develop and practise core skills with these workbooks from Bond.

SATs Skills workbooks

School dictionaries

Find the right dictionary for your child.

Oxford Children’s Dictionaries


Interstellar sci-fi from Philip Reeve.

Railhead trilogy