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Welcome to Reception


Reception marks most children’s very first step into formal schooling. This can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time for children and parents alike but throughout this site you will find useful links, resources, activities and guidance to support you and your children throughout this new journey of learning

Throughout the reception stage of education, your child will start learning through play. They will be busy exploring and discovering a range of exciting activities both in and out of the classroom, making new friendships, listening to stories and taking their first steps into a world of learning.

image of a woman reading with a child

What to expect in Reception

Learning through play! Find out what your child can expect in Reception and how you can help at home. Find out more >

Image of child counting with coloured paperclips

Maths in Reception

Learn about how maths is introduced in Reception.

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image of a girl reading a book for pleasure

Reading in Reception

Learn about how reading is introduced in Reception.

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image of children running in school uniform

Getting ready to start primary school

Top tips for preparing to start school.

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Books about starting school

Eight engaging stories and picture books to share with your child, to gently prepare them for their first term at school.

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Children playing at primary school

Choosing a Primary School

Education expert James Clements gives his advice and guidance on how to choose the right school for your child.

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Recommended books for Reception

Early readers

Practice phonics skills with these Stage 2 books from Read with Oxford.

Early readers for age 4–5

Activity books

Develop core English and maths skills with Progress with Oxford activity books.

Activity books for age 4–5

Children's dictionaries

Find the right dictionary for your child as they start learning to read.

Oxford Children’s Dictionaries

Children's fiction

Find all sorts of fun picture books for your child.

Children’s fiction books