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Christmas books for 5–7 year olds

Add a bit of extra magic and sparkle to your Christmas celebrations with these enchanting wintry tales for emerging readers.

Isadora Moon and the Frost Festival

Harriet Muncaster

Isadora and her family are visiting the Frost Festival, a huge celebration of the winter fairies! There’s ice skating, fairground rides, gingerbread houses and lots of delicious fairy hot chocolate. It’s magical!
But in the hustle and bustle Isadora gets separated from both her family and Pink Rabbit. Can she find them before the grand fairy lights are switched on?

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Kitty and the Snowball Bandit

Paula Harrison

In Kitty and the Snowball Bandit, a sneaky snowball thrower is ruining all the fun at the Winter Fair. The way they throw, hide, and run makes it seem like they have superpowers. Could this be a supervillain? It’s up to Kitty to track them down and find out.

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Super Happy Magic Forest and the Deep Trouble

Matty Long

A new adventure is afoot for the Super Happy Magic Forest heroes when Foam, a merperson, asks for help saving the underwater city of Fishopolis.

Our heroes will have to try their best to not get too distracted by pirate frolicking and roasted marshmallows to succeed in this swashbuckling quest and defeat the Sea Witch threatening Fishopolis.

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Winnie and Wilbur: The Santa Surprise

Laura Owen, Korky Paul

Winnie and Wilbur have just opened the latest door on their advent calendar when they wonder ‘who gives Santa a present’? This thought leads to an epic quest involving flying trains, broomstick sledges, and, of course, Father Christmas himself!
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Isadora Moon Makes Winter Magic

Harriet Muncaster

Isadora loves playing in the snow, especially when her creations come to life! But snow magic can’t last forever. Will she be able to save her new friends before they melt away?
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Pippi Longstocking Gift Edition (Hardcover)

Astrid Lindgren, Lauren Child

This flagship gift edition illustrated by Lauren Child is a glorious celebratory tribute to the strongest girl in the world.

Pippi Longstocking is nine years old. She has just moved into Villa Villekulla where she lives all by herself with a horse, a monkey, and a big suitcase full of gold coins. The grown-ups in the village try to make Pippi behave in ways that they think a little girl should, but Pippi has other ideas.

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Isadora Moon: The Winter Sparkle Activity Book

Harriet Muncaster

Bursting with over 50 winter activities, including look-and-find, drawing and colouring-in, number puzzles, and much more, this wintry activity book is perfect for keeping fans of the bestselling Isadora Moon and Mirabelle series busy over the holiday season.

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Greatest Magical Stories, chosen by Michael Morpurgo

Michael Morpurgo

From tiny heroes and talking frogs to meddling fairies and mysterious sea creatures, all the wonders of the magical world are here. A sumptuous gift edition for children to treasure.
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Marv and the Blizzard Zone

Alex Falase-Koya / Paula Bowles

In this story, Marvin and his friends are ice skating at the Blizzard Zone when supervillain Master Blaster takes control of the rink, determined that everyone stops their fun to watch him skate. Soon, skaters are being frozen solid by the supervillain’s powerful ice blasts.
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Michael Morpurgo’s Myths & Legends

Michael Morpurgo

From brave heroes and battling beasts to mighty gods and magic spells, these are timeless tales to treasure forever. An enchanting selection of classic myths and legends, including Mulan and Icarus, chosen by the UK’s best-loved storyteller.
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