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Phonics videos

Phonics videos – help your child learn to read

We’ve created these phonics videos to help you help your child learn to read. Find out how phonics is used to teach children to read, then learn how to say the sounds. Suzy Ditchburn shows you how to blend sounds to read words, Ruth Miskin shares her top ten tips and Emily Guille-Marrett shows us how to put phonics into practice.

What is phonics?

Watch this fun animated introduction to the key aspects of learning to read using phonics. Great for learning more about key terms such as ‘phonemes’, ‘blending’ and ‘tricky words’.

How to pronounce pure sounds

Learn how to pronounce all 44 phonics sounds, or phonemes, used in the English language with these helpful examples.

How to blend sounds to read words

Suzy Ditchburn explains how letter sounds can be blended to read words, and gives tips on how to practice phonics with your child.

Phonics help: top 10 tips

Phonics expert and creator of the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme Ruth Miskin shares her top tips for developing phonics skills at home. Includes advice on decoding and blending words, and on correctly making the phonics sounds.

How to support phonics learning

Understand how to put reading with phonics into practice with Emily Guille-Marrett and her son Albie.