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Times Tables Workbook for Key Stage 2: Age 7–11 (Bond SATs Skills)

This workbook has been developed by Bond to firmly embed times tables knowledge of the core times tables, and introduces square and cube numbers. It ensures that children are confident with the multiplication knowledge required by the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum and Year 4 multiplication tables check.

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ISBN-10: 0192745689
ISBN-13: 9780192745682

Bond SATs Skills Times Tables for Key Stage 2 focuses on developing confidence and rapid recall of all core times tables and developing an understanding of square and cube numbers, meeting the expectations of multiplication knowledge in the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2.

Providing all necessary support to ensure that facts and techniques are fully grasped before moving on, this workbook includes greater levels of challenge to really stretch the brightest minds. It includes the 13 and 14 times tables in addition to the core multiplication tables. Ideal preparation for SATs in Year 6 and the Multiplication Tables Check in Year 4.

Bond has 50+ years of experience in helping children to develop the skills they’ll need to succeed and has brought its experience in preparing children for selective entrance exams to this workbook.


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