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by | Jul 9, 2021

Using the Bond 10 Minute Tests

If your child is getting ready for the 11+ it can be really hard to know where to start and how to help. The Bond 11+ 10 Minute Tests offer focused, bite-sized tests that can be perfect for summer revision. As they have fully worked out answers in the pull-out section, it makes it easy to mark on the go, and with the summer holidays looming, this is the perfect time to think about how best to help your child.


Having a Structured Plan

At whatever stage you are at working towards the 11+ exams, it is useful to have a structured plan to help your child revise and the Bond system creates a systematic, simple approach that can be really useful.

The main papers provide the backbone of the system and progress gradually in age and complexity. This gradual build-up lets your child take baby-steps as they grow in confidence. The ‘How To Do’ books in the Bond range show a step-by-step method for each question type that is commonly found in 11+ exams. You can work through each one with your child and then use the books to revise these skills. With each paper having a mix of question types, your child can consolidate constantly without forgetting the techniques they have learnt. The 10 Minute Tests work as a flexible support to these main books.


Why use 10 Minute Tests?

The 10 Minute Tests offer a different approach that is perfect for the holidays, especially if your child doesn’t have time for a full paper. They add variety and interest and can balance the range of subjects. For younger children especially, they are less imposing than a longer paper and can help build confidence. If your child is on the last stage of their 11+ journey, taking shorter tests can also help to develop exam technique. As the books have been carefully levelled to match the main books, the questions will be of the same standard.

Here are some different ways the 10 Minute Tests can help:

  • Flexible for Younger Children:
    For younger children, the 10 Minute Test books can create a basic routine. Start with one Maths and one English a day, for example. The ten questions can be motivating for a younger child and the number of subjects and tests completed can be flexible.
  • Adaptable for busy days:
    They are ideal books for completing in the car, taking on holiday or while waiting for a meal. They can be done with a 10 Minute timer or as an untimed consolidation exercise, making them adaptable.
  • Exam timing and technique:
    Not only is it easier for children to recognise what a 10-minute time slot feels like, it also allows them to structure their time. This is invaluable when they move on to test papers. The 10 Minute Tests can be great for a pre-test warm up exercise.
  • Additional consolidation:
    If your child has completed books 1 and 2 in the main range but they are not scoring high enough to move on, the 10 Minute Tests can be used to consolidate at the same age range.
  • Balancing the Subjects:
    It can be really useful to set your child a paper in one subject and then while you are marking their paper for them, they can finish a 10-minute test in another subject allowing them to consolidation each subject more frequently. If your child is doing all four 11+ subjects this can work in pairs for example: An English paper then a verbal reasoning 10-minute test on one day. The following day a maths paper then a non-verbal reasoning 10-minute test. On the third day, a verbal reasoning paper then an English 10-minute test and on the fourth day, a non-verbal reasoning paper and a maths 10-minute test. If your child needs more support in one subject, it allows for more targeted work, perhaps a 10-minute test in their weakest subject each morning.


Where do I start?

Lots of past papers and practice tests are available online. Bond 11+ includes all sorts of helpful books and online support including a handy Summer Revision Planner and extracts from the new 10 Minute Tests.


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