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by | Dec 11, 2023

Christmas activities for 4–5 year olds

Practice early maths and letter recognition with some exciting Christmas colouring in and loads of car game ideas to keep all the little ones occupied on long journeys this Christmas time!

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This Christmas colouring activity with a difference from itsybitsyfun.com is a great way for young children to remember their first numbers and make a colourful Christmas picture in the process!

Sometimes the simplest ideas really are the best! Rather than colour-by-numbers, in this clever craft activity from pbs.org your child can decorate-by-letters, creating a Christmas tree picture and practising their letter recognition skills at the same time.

Bake some snow-covered gingerbread trees to share with your family, inspired by Nixie Wonky Winter Wonderland.

Set your child the Super Happy Magic Forest epic colouring in quest! Described as ‘Tolkien for toddlers’, Matty Long’s incredibly detailed artwork is packed with lots to see and discuss. Your child will love these colouring in and spot the difference sheets from this popular illustrator.

Writing a letter to Santa can be even more fun with this Winnie and Wilbur template, inspired by Winnie and Wilbur’s festive adventures.

Pin the nose on the snowman!

Everyone loves pin the tail on the donkey. Well, here it is with a Christmas twist! Using some old wrapping paper, draw a large snowman outline. Ask your child to give it eyes, a scarf, buttons and a mouth using coloured pencils or pens while you draw and cut out a carrot nose (or lump of coal if you feel inclined). You will need to put some blue tack or scrunched up sticky tape on the reverse of the carrot so it can be stuck on the snowman. Attach the snowman to the wall or side of a large box, grab a scarf to use as a blindfold and you are good to go!

Car game: Who can spot? (The noisy version)

Play this noisy version of the car game, Who can spot? It’s great fun – but check with the driver before you launch into this one! Decide on a noise, or a word to call, when you spot the Christmassy things you’re looking out for. For example, yell ‘Bang!’ for a Christmas tree, ‘Buzzz!’ for Christmas lights, or ‘Wow!’ for someone in a Santa hat.

Think of your favourite songs for singing in the car and see if you can change the words to give them that Christmas spin! How about these?

Ten green bottles: Ten green Christmas trees hanging on the wall!
Ten in the bed: There were ten in the bed and Santa said ‘Roll over!’
Row your boat: Ride, ride, ride your sleigh, swiftly through the sky, / Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily… Santa Claus comes by!

Lolly sticks can be a great investment to keep your child busy making Christmas things! The Crafty Morning website is packed with ideas for Christmas popsicle crafts to try

Does your child have some excess Christmas energy to use up? Try this festive obstacle course from childhood101.com to get them moving about!