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Image of child counting with coloured paperclips

Fun learning ideas

Simple games and activities to do with your 0-4-year-old child. Have fun together while developing skills!

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What to expect in Early Years

Learning through play and communication skills. Find out what to expect when your child is in pre-school or nursery.

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Choosing a primary school

Help and advice on the big move to school, what to consider and how to help your child.

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Early reading skills

Find out how your child’s reading skills will develop in nursery, and discover how to support your child at home.

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Image of a boy lying on his back and smiling

Early maths skills

Ideas to help you give your child a great start in developing early maths skills and concepts.

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Wendy Cooling MBE recommends her top 22 picture books for the under 5s.

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Encouraging counting

Everyday ideas to explore numbers and counting with your child.

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Getting ready to write

Adviceon how to prepare your child for writing at school.

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