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Learning at home with 10-11 year olds


Check out the links below for ideas to help your 10-11 year old learn at home, as well as handy information about what to expect in year 6, through KS2 SATs and how you can help continue building their skills and their love of learning.


Image of child counting with coloured paperclips

Fun learning ideas

Simple games and activities to do with your 10–11-year-old child. Have fun together while developing skills!

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What happens in year 6

Year 6 will be a memorable time. Find out what to expect and how you can support.

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SATs don’t have to be scary! Find answers to common questions and example questions from test papers.

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Reading skills

Support your child as they start to read more widely and independently.

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Image of a boy lying on his back and smiling

Maths skills

Discover the maths skills your child learns at school and ideas for helping at home.

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The 11+ exam

Find out the basics of the 11+ exam and explore our advise on helping your child prepare.

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Choosing Secondary schools

Author and teacher Jill Carter on choosing a secondary school.

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What do SATs scores mean?

How to work out what your child’s results mean and what happens next.

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